OPW & Pearse Museum

Image caption: Hannah Fitz, LIAR LIAR, mixed media, 2019
Hannah Fitz, LIAR LIAR, 2019, mixed media.

Double Estate

Works from the OPW State Art Collection & Pearse Museum Collection

Curated by Davey Moor
Pearse Museum, St Enda’s Park
9-24 Dec 2020 / 2021 Dates TBC

Double Estate is a group exhibition that considers the human form through a selection of over fifty works from the OPW State Art Collection across sculpture, print, painting and photography. These are offered against the historical backdrop of William Pearse’s figurative sculpture from the collection at St Enda’s and Patrick Pearse’s writing on physical archetypes. A 64 page full-colour catalogue, designed by Oonagh Young accompanies the show. This includes essays by Brian Crowley (Collections Curator, Pearse Museum & Kilmainham Gaol) and Davey Moor and will be available free-of-charge throughout the run.

View the catalogue HERE.