About Sculpture Dublin

Sculpture Dublin is a Dublin City Council initiative. The idea originated with a survey of sculpture in Dublin City Council parks, Art in Parks (2014), and a particular interest in the Dublin Millennium Sculpture Symposium of 1988 that resulted in the commissioning of ten new sculptures for the city.


Sculpture Dublin aims to raise awareness of Dublin’s sculptural heritage and to commission new works in parks and public spaces city-wide.   Artistic excellence and meaningful public engagement are the core principles of Sculpture Dublin. It will be a place of experimentation and interaction: a shared space in which to engage with sculpture – old, new, and yet to be imagined. 


Sculpture Dublin’s values are: •  Courage and creative ambition; •  Open-mindedness – curiosity and wonder; •  Clarity, transparency and integrity; •  Co-operation, co-creation and unity that respects diversity.


Sculpture Dublin will commission six new sculptures across Dublin in the next 18 months. Following initial consultation and a survey of sites, locations for the new commissions have been identified in each of the Dublin City Council Local Administrative Areas. A temporary sculpture will also be commissioned for the O’Connell Plinth, an empty plinth outside City Hall on Dame Street. 

Public engagement

All of the new commissions will benefit from local engagement programmes designed to raise awareness, provoke conversations about sculpture and involve people in discussing how sculpture and public art enhance their neighbourhood. Local engagement will take the form of online surveys, public meetings, artists’ cafes and culture clubs, as well as opportunities to participate in the creation of some of the new commissions and partnership projects with schools, libraries and community organisations.   Sculpture Dublin is working with the city's cultural institutions to draw attention to sculpture in their collections and temporary exhibition programmes. Through a city-wide programme of talks, tours and workshops, online presentations and publications, and a number of exciting new initiatives, including a Sculpture Day and a Developmental Award, Sculpture Dublin will encourage people to rediscover their city through sculpture – imagining new possibilities for art in the public realm and engaging in shared processes of learning and making.   More information on the public engagement programmes will be published on this website over the coming weeks and months.


Sculpture Dublin is a Dublin City Council initiative, developed by Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services and the City Arts Office and supported by the Hugh Lane Gallery and Visual Artists Ireland.   Dublin City Council Culture Company is supporting the local engagement programme and is a commissioning partner for the Kildonan Park commission.   Axis Ballymun is supporting the administration of the programme.

Steering Group

  • Barbara Dawson

    Director, Hugh Lane Gallery

    Favourite sculpture: “Suzanne Walking in a Leather Skirt” by Julian Opie

  • Noel Kelly

    Chief Executive Officer, Visual Artists Ireland

    Favourite sculpture: “The Three Fates” by Josef Wackerle

  • Caroline Maher

    Administrative Officer, Dublin City Council Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services

    Favourite sculpture: “Molly Malone” by Jeanne Rynhart

  • Leslie Moore

    Chief Parks Superintendent, Dublin City Council Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services

    Favourite sculpture: “Tribute Head II” by Elisabeth Frink

  • Paula Murphy

    Professor Emerita, School of Art History and Cultural Policy, University College Dublin

    Favourite sculpture: “Monument to Daniel O’Connell” by John Henry Foley

  • Ruairí Ó Cuív

    Public Art Officer, Dublin City Council

    Favourite sculpture: “Luke Kelly” by Vera Klute

  • Donncha Ó Dúlaing

    Senior Executive Officer, Dublin City Council Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services

    Favourite sculpture: “James Larkin” by Oisín Kelly

  • Ray Yeates

    City Arts Officer, Dublin City Council

    Favourite sculpture: “Misneach” by John Byrne, 2010, Trinity Comprehensive School, Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9


  • Karen Downey

    Programme Director, Sculpture Dublin


    Favourite sculpture: “Units of Potential” by Alice Rekab

  • Sabina Mac Mahon

    Production Assistant, Sculpture Dublin


  • Julia Moustacchi

    Public Engagement Curator, Sculpture Dublin


    Favourite sculpture: “Ag Crú na Gréine” by Jackie McKenna

  • Astrid Newman

    Communications Assistant, Sculpture Dublin


    Favourite sculpture: "Drop" by Eimear Murphy


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