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The terms and conditions governing your use of this website.

Copyright - General

All rights to design, text, graphics and other material on this website are the copyright of Sculpture Dublin or other third parties Material provided by any third party, including links to other websites from this site, is likely to be copyright of the author. Permission to copy or use any such material must be obtained from the author.

Image Galleries - Copyright Statement

Personal Use The content of the image galleries may be printed and downloaded on a temporary, non-commercial basis for personal use. Copyright must be acknowledged and content may not be altered. Sculpture Dublin does not own the copyright on all of the content in the Image Galleries. All rights on such material are © the original copyright holders. Items for which Sculpture Dublin does not hold copyright are clearly marked as such. It is the responsibility of the user to contact any external copyright holders for permission to use these images. All reasonable effort has been made to contact and acknowledge copyright holders. If you believe that copyright on any item has not been correctly attributed, please contact us at info@sculpturedublin.ie. Copies of images which are out of copyright, or for which Sculpture Dublin holds the copyright, can be provided. Social Media Use Sharing of images from the image galleries (and copyright of Sculpture Dublin) is permitted as long as it is done in the spirit of this copyright notice and Sculpture Dublin credited, e.g. "Credit @SculptureDublin" (Twitter example). Commercial Reproduction Those wishing to use the content of the Image Galleries for commercial purposes should contact info@sculpturedublin.ie. For commercial reproduction of images which are the property of Sculpture Dublin, permission should be sought in writing from info@sculpturedublin.ie. For commercial reproductions, a fee will be applicable. When applying please state which photographs are being used and give the precise details of the type of reproduction involved – exhibition, book, magazine, newspaper, or other. When applying for permission to reproduce images for which Sculpture Dublin is not the copyright holder, an undertaking to obtain the appropriate copyright clearance from the copyright holders must be made, in writing, to Sculpture Dublin. Note: All reproduced images must carry the acknowledgement: 'Courtesy of Sculpture Dublin'.  Sculpture Dublin Social Media Content Policy We want you to feel comfortable using our social media sites. The conversation should be respectful and contain language that is appropriate for all groups and all ages. We reserve the right to remove comments that are obscene, indecent; contain threats or personal attacks of any kind; are defamatory, libellous or contain ad hominem attacks; contain offensive terms directed at ethnic or racial groups; or promote or endorse a product or service. We encourage all users of our social media sites to act respectfully to other users. Our official social media sites are manned Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We will not reply to every individual question or comment, but will usually reply to a theme that emerges based on comments received. Individual enquiries can be dealt with by emailing info@sculpturedublin.ie. Policy Statement And Details Of Charges Public sector information posted on Sculpture Dublin's website may be downloaded subject to the terms and conditions of the latest PSI Licence available at www.psi.gov.ie. Public sector information owned by Sculpture Dublin and not posted on its website may be applied for by writing to info@sculpturedublin.ie. You must state clearly that the request is for the re-use of public sector information.

Policy Statement On Release Of Data

Sculpture Dublin is not obliged to release any information for re-use. However, any information released will be subject to the terms and conditions of the latest PSI Licence available at www.psi.gov.ie  or other terms and conditions Sculpture Dublin may deem appropriate.


Charges for any documents not available on the website will reflect the cost incurred by Sculpture Dublin in the production, collection, reproduction and dissemination of the information. The minimum charge for any one document whether issued in hardcopy, electronic or other format will be €5.00. Details of the cost of documents will be given to the applicants before they are released. All charges must be paid in full before any documents will be released

For More Information

Sculpture Dublin Email: info@sculpturedublin.ie