This section features a series of articles on sculpture. We have Professor Paula Murphy’s ‘Looking at Public Sculpture in Dublin’, which provides an overview of sculpture in the city and includes many illustrations of important works. In partnership with the Royal Irish Academy, Sculpture Dublin is delighted to feature a selection of essays, and artists’ biographies, from Sculpture 1600-2000, Volume 3 in the RIA’s 5-volume publication, Art and Architecture of Ireland (Yale, 2014).

  • ‘RGB Sconce in Context’: a series of short videos by David Archbold

    ‘RGB Sconce in Context’ is a series of short videos by art historian and curator David Archbold designed for social media distribution. Part…

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  • Announcement! Short-list of invited artists for the St. Anne’s Park Commission

    Sculpture Dublin is thrilled to announce the short-listed nominees for the St. Anne’s Park Commission. The creation of a new permanent land art…

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  • VTS Sculpture Club with the Hugh Lane Gallery

    The Hugh Lane Gallery organised a special VTS Sculpture Club session for International Sculpture Day, in partnership with Sculpture Dublin. This discussion was…

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  • Back and Forth with The Complex

    For International Sculpture Day, The Complex shared with us Back and Forth, the exchange of ideas between the artists Tanad Aaron and Mark…

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